Our clients seek our service for a variety of reasons. But regardless of what the reason is, all of our clients benefit from our ability to save them time and money.

Delphi Investment Realty believes impeccable management and appropriateness of repairs of REO Assets are essential to obtain the greatest investment result. Lowering the sales price is not always the best solution. Delphi Investments will proficiently provide the following services:


  • BPOs/Appraisals
  • Hazard Claims
  • HOA/Taxes
  • Receive Values
  • Reconcile Values
Marketing – Target 90 Days
  • Marketing Plan
  • List the Property
  • Complete Repairs
  • Monthly Broker Status Report
  • Ongoing Price Analysis
  • Offer is Received
  • Negotiate Offers Within Parameters
  • Offer Approved & Accepted
  • Contract Received
  • Review/Sign Contracts
Closing/Post Marketing – Target 30 Days
  • Review Closing Documents
  • Property Recovery – Eviction
  • Budget Process
  • Evictions
  • Relocation Assistance Offered (Cash For Keys & Cash For Deeds)
  • Broker Inspects Home on Vacate Date
  • Broker Inspection
  • Property Security
  • Preliminary Title
  • Final Billing

We are staffed by seasoned, knowledgeable real estate and mortgage industry experts who are able to provide you with incomparable solutions to your portfolio needs. All of Delphi's staff have extensive experience working “hands on” with REO properties. The result of having such an exceptional team is exceeding our clients expectations.

Delphi Investment Realty

6303 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 400
Miami, FL 33126